Purchasing Group

StoneCash is a Global Stone Purchasing Group.

Only registered and approved Members can use its B2B platform ” The Stone Booking ” to find what they need at their fingertips. It is a permanent virtual trade show where qualified suppliers can post what they are producing and Members can book what they like.

This Alliance will be happy to share this concept with new visionary entrepreneurs.  Members are not obliged to purchase a full container from 1 single supplier. Stonecash partners provide the logistics to mix partial orders from different suppliers.  A WIN WIN business model that will change the whole stone industry. Members can only be admitted by invitation. Please contact us for further information about the rules of the alliance and membership conditions.

Stones Procurement

With the help of an innovative cloud based e-procurement system, Distributors have access to the marketplace and they can negotiate their needs directly with suppliers or with the support of the trading platform.  On StoneCash you can see the inventory of the main stone operators under the same roof.  No more hundreds of emails and several websites visits to find what you need. If you don’t find what you need on the marketplace, just post a request. Your request will be immediately forwarded to multiple vendors who will strive to meet your need. This is a business to business platform reserved to the supply chain operators only.


Inspection and Logistics

You buy from different vendors and StoneCash Team takes care of all the logistics

Inspection & Negotiation ( prices and sizes)  for only  2 %

Escrow Service  free of charge

Video Reports for material inspection

Ocean freight rates negotiation in behalf of the entire alliance

Claims resolution assistance


Display in your showroom HD Videos to educate customers.  We can visit and film any Quarry and make a virtual tour. The HD quality videos sometimes are more realistic than photos. They could give a better idea of the natural materials. Amazing and engagement videos to shock customers about the beauty power of nature. Sharing this videos on social can create more engagement to gain traffic into your inventory online